North Burleigh Wedding Photographer ~ Amber & David

Thank-you for choosing the KM STUDIOS team to capture your beautiful memories of your special day to cherish for a lifetime. David & Amber’s wedding day was absolutely stunning!

I recently got together with David & Amber to plan & design their absolutely AMAZING wedding album, together we re-lived and chatted about this couple’s love story! Below are a few details from their incredible wedding!

A huge thank you to Amber who was more than happy to share the planning that was involved right up to the day to help other couples planning their beautiful wedding day!

Love KM Studios xx

How was your experience with KM Studios from Initial contact to completion of your wedding and receiving your forever keepsakes :)?
Amazing! There is constant contact, and you know everything that’s going to happen. Our album and photo ice block were made so quickly and are just stunning. Kylie has done our family photos awhile ago which were done in a small park in Currumbin and they were just beautiful, so we knew her work would be amazing!

How did you find having your photos taken on the wedding day? 
Kylie was amazing! Kylie & her team made everyone feel so comfortable from the start and worked around the kids that were involved in the wedding really well. In particular, our daughter who was 1 and a half at the time wasn’t too impressed with having a stranger point a camera at her, but Kylie won her over.

Photographer: KM Studios
Location of Wedding:  North Burleigh SLSC
Location of Reception:  North Burleigh SLSC
Wedding Planner:  Karen Hanley- Ocean View Events
First Dance Song:  Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeren 
Dress Boutique: Luv Bridal
Caterer: Venue
Celebrant: Clarah Luxford
“I would recommend everyone one of these companies! We had an amazingly smooth day, and if anything went wrong I had no idea and wasn’t told.” 
~ Amber

What was your favorite moment(s) from your wedding day?
The photo session on the beach after the ceremony, it was the first time of the day where we just got to be us. We weren’t standing in front of a crowd of people and actually got to take in what was happening.

We LOVE to hear about your love stories, how did you two love doves meet?
At a New Year’s Party. Dave dropped a bottle of beer and it smashed, splashing all over me. I definitely remembered him, even though I was a little inebriated at the time. He got my phone number from a mutual friend and we organized a date.

How did he pop the question?
It was planned to happen on the beach at midnight on New Years. I ruined that by deciding our son was too cranky and wouldn’t fall asleep, so we had to go home. At home, he proposed as planned at midnight, while we were getting into bed.

Tell me about your venue!

The team at North Burleigh were fantastic, I was even saying to my Maid Of Honor in the lead-up to the wedding, “what have I missed?” I feel like I should be doing more. They were fantastic they just took care of everything.

What about the cake?
Our cake was fabulous! Dave’s family are mostly gluten intolerant, as is out daughter, and Sara made an amazing gluten free cake, you couldn’t tell the difference between the normal and the gluten free ones.

What advice would you offer to other couples planning a wedding?
Start Early! Everyone books out way in advance and you don’t want to have to settle for the things you maybe wish you had time to book or be freaking out. Especially your photos, they’re your memories of the day that you can only get once and remember!

Every girl dreams about her perfect wedding dress, tell me about your dress. Where did you find it, how did you choose it, how did you know it was the one?
I just went to look. I wasn’t planning on buying. But Luv had a fantastic sale on at the time, and as soon as I put it on I knew. It was what I had in mind, and when I wore it, it just fit my style and was everything I had hoped for.
What were you most anxious, nervous or fearful about regarding your wedding day and what was the outcome?
I was most worried about being a blubbering mess and not being able to talk properly during our vows. In combination with my Dad joking on the way down the aisle, Clarah calmed me down. She was amazing and talked us through the whole ceremony. Laughing and joking as we tried to keep ourselves together.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to other couples for planning their wedding?
Make it yours. Don’t try to do it for someone else. Use your style and plan it as big or small as your like, your the one that will look back on it for years to come.

What was the first song you danced to as husband and wife?
Thinking Out Loud By Ed Sheeren.
 beautiful wedding flowers Burleigh Heads flower girl dresses lying on a bed Stunning Wedding Dress with a stunning lace bodice on a bedbride_and_her_bridesmaids_in_their_dressing_robes Bride_helping_her_bridesmaid_get_into_her_dressBride_laughing_getting_readyGorgeous_little_flowergirl_sitting_on_the_bedMum_putting_on_brides_necklaceBeautiful_bridesmaid_looking_at_the_camera_holding_flowers Flower girl_looking_at_camera_holding_her_flowers_smiling Bridesmaid_sitting_on_bed_looking_at_camera_smiling Bride_looking_at_The_camera_smiling Bride_and_her_little_girl_having_a_moment close_up_of_brides_eyelashes_and_makeupStunning_bride_sitting_on_the_bed_with_veil_over_her_shoulder_looking_backPaige_boy_outside_looking_at_the_cameraBoy_outdoors_at_the_wedding Groom_and_paigeboy_having_a_giggleGroom_looking_happy_on_his_wedding_day Groom_standing_with_his_paigeboy_and_groomsmen Groom_holding_the_wedding_rings_in_the_palm_of_his_handsBride_walking_down_the_isle_smiling_at_the_camera Bride_groom_celebrant_looking_at_each_other_getting_married Bride_and_groom_holding_hands_during_the_ceremonybride_putting_on_her_grooms_wedding_ring Bride_and_grooms_first_kiss_Pageboy_laughingBride_and_groom_signing_wedding_registerBride_and_groom_on_photoshoot_heads_looking_at_each_otherGroom_and_bride_having_a_sneaky_kiss_on_photoshoot_at_the_beachBride_kisses_her_little_girlBride_and_groom_sitting_down_leaning_togetherBride_and_groom_having_a_kiss_sitting_downBride_and_groom_on_burleigh_heads_beach_at_sunset_looking_at_each_otherBride_looking_down_as_groom_kisses_her_on_the_cheekBride_and_groom_walking_along_the_beach_groom_holing_his_brides_dressBurleigh_surf_club_wedding_venue_tablesBride_and_groom_enter_reception_venue_at_Burleigh_headsWedding_chair_covers_in_blue

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