5 things you must know before your portrait session…

parents holding their newborn daughterHaving a portrait session with your family can be one of the most special things you can do together to capsule a snippet in time. Moments pass us by every day, and before we realise weeks, months or even years have slipped by without any real marker for that precious period in our lives.

This happens particularly with young families, as we do our best to get through each day happy and well, we can often forget to stop, and absorb just how wonderful life is in that moment. And with little ones, each moment with them is just so precious.

This is why portrait sessions hold such a special place in our hearts at KM Studios. We love being able to bring those moments together into a group of beautiful images that you can treasure forever. That you can transport back to all of those emotions every time you see the images for years to come.

When you decide to book in your portrait session, here are the top five things you must know, before the day of your session…


Don’t try to over complicate it. The best images are always the natural ones, where everyone is being themselves.  Instead of telling your little ones to have their biggest smiles ready, spark some wonder with things like, ‘I wonder whether there will be fairies at our photo shoot?’ or ‘What do you think we’ll see when we get there?’ Help them to feel excited about the day, rather than pressure to behave well or act a certain way.

This will help your little ones to be excited, and have fun. Rather than putting the pressure on them to smile, sit quietly or laugh on cue.

The best images are always the ones that are most relaxed, so take a breath and make sure you relax too!

Family of four sitting together on the green grass

Keep colours similar and coordinating, but don’t get too matchy-matchy. So tones, soft prints, and muted colours always look beautiful, especially on little ones. Also take into consideration where your session will be. The beach is soft in colour, so softer tones are generally better. If you opt for a greener location like Currumbin Valley, something a little deeper or stronger may compliment the location a little better.

If you’re unsure, bring a couple of options, and your photographer will be more than happy
o help you choose the best combinations.

On another note, there’s no need to spend up big, just go for simple, well fitting clothes, and do your best to stay away from anything too trendy. Although, it’s always good for a laugh 10 years down the track!

toddler sitting in a weaved basket surroundedby grass and flowers3.     DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE WEATHER
Believe it or not, some of our best images are done on cloudy, even rainy days. And without a doubt the hardest things to photograph are in direct sunlight on a perfectly clear day of weather.

But with that being said, we’re masters at working with what we’ve got, and making it look beautiful.

Don’t be concerned about the weather forecast leading up to your session. Leave that to your photographer! If there’s anything to be worried about, they will contact you to chat about it.

couple looking at each other surrounded by long grass with the sunlight filtering in behind them4.    HAIR AND MAKEUP
Now we’re not here to tell you to spend up big, or go all out, but it is worth considering having your hair and makeup done for your portrait session. Firstly it makes you feel a whole lot more confident in front of the camera when you feel beautiful (especially if you’re doing a newborn session, and you’ve given birth only days earlier!) And secondly, chances are the images are going to be on your wall for years to come, and you don’t want to walk past everyday, thinking, ‘My hairs a mess, I should have had that blow-dry’.

And lastly, professional makeup artists know how to make your skin look beautiful on camera. They use camera ready products, that will ensure you look beautiful in the photographs.

Not all makeup artists and hair stylists are experienced with this type of work, contact us for our recommendations.


Whether you’ve booked your session with us or not, you need to make sure you have some sort of connection with your photographer. Make sure you feel confortable with them before the session to ensure that you’re on the same page when you start.

This might be as simple as you getting along well, or a little more in depth with you having a mutual understanding of what type of images you’re after.

We hope that this post has been able to help you with planning your portrait session. If you know someone else who might find this helpful, copy the link and share it with them on Facebook.

And if you’re ready to book your portrait session, go here to enquire now.

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